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The Policy Matters section of this site features declarations, legislation and policy updates provided by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, the Colorado Department of Education and other qualified authors from across the state.

Recent Policy Updates includes monthly updates on legislation and regulation affecting postsecondary planning;

December 2009:Over a very busy summer, CDE has made vast strides towards implementing key elements to P-20 Education. Read More

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December Policy Update

Over a very busy summer, CDE has made vast strides towards implementing key elements to P-20 Education. Please see below for some of the many updates:

Post Secondary and Workforce Readiness Definition (adopted by the State Board of Education and CCHE on June 30, 2009): Combines CAP4Kids, P-20 reform and the work of the transitions profession.

Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP): The State Board of Education must adopt standards by February 1, 2010. CSCA, CCHS/CR and CACTE have been monitoring progress.

Note that College In Colorado has developed some tools for ICAP implementation. Watch for information about the special ICAP section of the portfolio and ICAP guideways for each grade coming in December.  Learn how others are implementing the ICAP in their school districts.

Parental Involvement in Education (Senate Bill 90): The State Advisory Council for Parental Involvement in Education (SACPIE) has been named. Cori Canty and Janna Oakes will represent Counselors and CTE. Contact is Mary Frances Nevans at CDE .

Concurrent Enrollment: The Advisory Council has been named and the first meeting is set for November 13th. Contact Charles Dukes at CDE for more information.

The New Model Content Standards will be adopted by the State Board of Education in December. For more detail of the Financial Literacy Standards, please contact Melissa Colsman at CDE.

Assessments: There will be new assessments for all Colorado students, replacing the CSAPs. Assessments will be adopted by December 2010, and introduced in 2012. CDE has set up an Assessments Stakeholder group and a calendar of public hearings- participation is encouraged.  EPAS, Career Readiness, Work Keys and other tests indicative of postsecondary readiness will be discussed.

Race to the Top (R2T) will likely bring as much as half-a-billion dollars to Colorado, starting next March. STEM interests have set up an “affinity group” which features several postsecondary prep elements.

New Executive Director for CDHE – The Governor has appointed Rico Munn as the Executive Director of the Department of Higher Education.

These items will be discussed at upcoming conferences, like CSCA, Colorado Council and CACTA. The Lt. Governor is confirmed as the Keynote Speaker for the Statewide Pre-Collegiate Conference, which will held on March 12, 2009 in Denver.