Network Regions

November 17, 2018 0 Comment
Since May of 2005, networks convened by College In Colorado staff and local leaders, have been expanding in every region of Colorado. While unique from one another, regional networks may include representatives of K-12, higher education, pre-collegiate service providers, business and workforce interests, non-profit organizations, public agencies and policy makers. To view activity and participants in each region, click on the applicable region in the left navigation bar and join the Network today.

In order to best serve the post-secondary needs of Colorado’s diverse student populations, the Partnership adopted the regional map framed by the Colorado School Counselors Association (CSCA). The 13 regions reflect CSCA’s 12 geographical regions plus Aurora. Each region devises its own strategic direction based upon the unique needs and wishes of that region.

Many service groups have drawn up somewhat different regional maps of Colorado. In order to assist you in determining which region a program or service is listed in, we have included other key regional maps below by the:

College Invest (5 Regions)
Colorado Department of Education (12 Regions)
Colorado Department of Higher Education 4-year (5 Regions)
Colorado Community College System 2-year (13 Regions)
Workforce Development (17 Regions)
Colorado Parent-Teacher Association (5 Regions)
Colorado Association of School Boards (12 Regions)
Colorado Council on High School/College Relations (7 Regions)