College In Colorado

November 17, 2018 0 Comment

Colorado ranks in the top five states nationwide for the greatest number of degree holders per capita, yet only one in five Colorado ninth-grade students will earn a college degree, ranking the state in the bottom quartile nationally. The Department of Higher Education (DHE) – which serves the citizens of the state of Colorado by promoting access to, affordability of, and success in higher education for all students – initiated College In Colorado as a statewide effort to improve college access and change expectations about college for all Colorado students.

A cornerstone of the campaign,, offers a one-stop resource to help students and parents plan, apply and pay for college.


What’s New at College In Colorado:

College Friday is April 16th! Wear your favorite college logo items on Friday, April 16th to raise awareness about the importance of higher education.

Click on the following links for ways for businesses or schools/organizations to participate.

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