Best Practice Example for HS Career Exploration and Planning

November 17, 2018 0 Comment

Del Norte High School Industrial Arts/Const Tech teacher Bill Sauvigne tells CTE Trends that he has created a new exploratory CTE course called F.Y.I. (Finding Your Interest).
The goal of the course is to expose students to approximately 40 different professions via 4 to 6 week modules throughout the school year. Remarkably, all professions taught in a module relate to one another. For example: the “Graphic Design” module not only teaches graphic design but also the basics photography, printing and silk screening. Sauvigne explains that the end-of-the-module performance test for “Graphic Design” is to solicit ideas, design a logo and create class T-shirtsfor each of the high school’s grades.

Sauvigne reports that the F.Y.I. students just finished that module and the silk screening lessons were so successful that the students started a “Tiger Tee’s” operation and now are not only making shirts for the school but also for Wolf Creek Ski Resort.
The modules in the FYI course include: Graphic Design; Landscape Architecture and Design; Criminal Justice; Computer Animation; Alternate Energy; Entrepreneurship; Small
Engine Repair and Communication Technologies

To see all the fun activities students get to engage in, and the professions they get to learn about,
click this link to see Sauvigne’s module descriptions:
To top everything off, Sauvigne is advising his students that if they would like to pursue further
education in any of the fields they explore, they will find corresponding courses, certificates and degrees offered at institutions in their region including: Trinidad State Junior College and Pueblo Community College (in Pueblo and in Cortez/Durango via their Southwest Colorado Community College).