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Welcome to the College In Colorado Partner Network Website, an interactive site created to connect and invigorate educators, service providers and other community partners dedicated to academic and career success. The Website offers online discussion boards, resources, facts, tips, articles and opportunities to network and collaborate with others that share a common goal of reversing the Colorado Paradox. The Partner Network aims to supplement and complement many of the resources provided for students and parents on

The Partner Network has been established to meet the expressed needs of our many partners who wish to interact, communicate, collaborate and share best practices. With the support and participation of our partners statewide, this site will become an efficient online forum, saving you time and resources.

Your Gateway to:

Regional Networks
Many diverse organizations, resources and services from all sectors work together within their respective regions to enhance student opportunities.

Educators In Action
Find out how educators across Colorado have put resources, including those from College In Colorado, to work in their districts

Community Partner Services
Share your mission for student success by highlighting your program, discover opportunities to collaborate with organizations in your area or find programs that offer the services you need.

College In Colorado Services and Materials
The College In Colorado initiative uses a multi-faceted approach to provide career and college access, resources and tools to students, parents, educators and partners statewide, all free-of-charge. Have College In Colorado come talk with your students and help them to use, offer a Website training to your staff, provide resource materials or support your events.


Become an Author

To become an author and contribute to the CIC Partner Network, please contact us.